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Settings.IsDebugEnabled If enabled, DebugData will be sent along with the request (if the service supports the feature).
DebugData can help mock the backend environment/configurations/data/etc when the dependencies are not easy to be satisfied.
Settings.Mode Interval: Send one request every Interval (in seconds) for Amount times
Simultaneous: Send Amount of requests concurrently at once
Mixed: Send Amount of requests concurrently every Interval (in seconds) for LoopsOfMixedModeRunning times
Settings.ResetServerCacheFirst If enabled, the data cached in the server memory will be cleared before the request is served (if the service supports the feature).
This helps to provide a stateless testing on top of a clean state.
Request.QueryString Format: <name>=<value>&<name>=<value>&...
Request.CustomHeaders Format: <Header name>=<Header value>&<Header name>=<Header value>&...
Request.AppVersion If enabled, the request will be sent to the specified version (if the service supports the feature).
This is implemented by adding the version to the request URL.
Expectations.MatchType PartialMatch: MatchText will be the delimited keywords or snippets that expected response must contain (match all)
ExactMatch: MatchText will be the complete response body
StatusCode: MatchText will be the expected status code
RegularExpression: MatchText will be the regular expression that expected response must match
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