Test Case Management

To manage test cases, please go to Test Cases

To manage test suites, please go to Test Suites

To review test case results, please go to Test Case Results

To review test suite results, please go to Test Suite Results


Download Client (console app) here to run test cases locally

Download a sample WebAPI (self-host) here as the test target

Quick Start

1. Download and extract the above tools to your desktop.

2. Execute the followings in Command Prompt to get the sample webapi ready to be tested (assuming .NET Core Runtime has been installed):
    cd C:\Users\<your name>\Desktop\WebApplication1\
    dotnet restore  (first time only)
    dotnet run

2. Execute the followings in a new Command Prompt to run the predefined test case (this is where you Play the API):
    cd C:\Users\<your name>\Desktop\AutoTestClient
    AutoTest.Client.exe run testcase 4

3. Check the test result details in Test Case Results.